Dried fruit

Rasin Malayer

Raisin Malayer - Belongs to groceries. Contain fiber, iron, zinc. Raisins are used primarily as an additive for various types of desserts - cakes, muffins, ice cream, fruit jellies. Enrich the flavor of porridge and muesli. They may enhance flavor and aroma of roasted meat.

Raisin Malayer grade A, country of origin: Uzbekistan, packaging: carton 12.5kg

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Raisin malayer grade B

Raisin Malayer grade B, country of origin: Iran, packaging: carton 12.5kg

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Plum Ashlock

Plum Ashlock. Number of varieties of plums is huge. Plums are traditionally used for making jams, compotes, marmalades. Are an addition to cakes, sorbet, dumplings, but also can be used  to make sauces and marinades for meats. Plum is the basis of very popular home-made alcohol „Śliwowica”, „Tarniówka” and balkan „Rakija”.

Plum Ashlock, country of origin: Chile

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Cake mixture

Cake mixture is widely used in confectionery, it is an inseparable component of pastries.

Can be added to cakes, desserts and ice cream. Mixture works well as a sweet snack.

Cake mixture, packaging: carton 8kg

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Desiccated coconut FINE

Coconut has a pleasant, sweet taste. Currently it is imported from Malaysia, Polynesia, South Asia and South America. Desiccated coconut are mainly used in bakery and confectionery. Perfect for cakes, desserts, and the breadcrumbs for the meat. Chips are rich in iron, potassium, vitamin C and fiber.

Desiccated coconut high fat fine, country of origin: Indonesia, packaging: 25kg bag

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Desiccated coconut Medium

Desiccated coconut high fat medium, country of origin: Indonesia, packaging: 25kg bag

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Almond flakes

Common almond fruit seeds are called the "king of nuts". In the kitchen used for direct consumption as well as in preserves; as an addition to cakes,  for the marzipan preparation and drink called „Orszada”

Almond flakes, country of origin: Spain / California, packaging: carton 12.5kg

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One of varieties planted in Poland. Nuts are very caloric, are a valuable diet supplement. They were once regarded as the fruit, which consumption allows to gain great wisdom. Walnut, and more precisely oil from its fruit and more and more willingly being used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Apart from a lot of fatty acids, nuts contain plant sterols which lowering the level of the bad cholesterol and are having an anti-inflammatory effect. Additionally nuts are rich in fibre, B group vitamins and vitamin E (antioxidant) and also copper and the manganese. Just one fist of nuts will be enough per day to reduce and cushion stress effects, for nuts it is worthwhile also reaching in the period of intense mental work.

Walnut, country of origin: Poland, packaging: 10kg carton

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Raw natural peanut

They contain the most protein of all nuts which is largely soluble. Apart from that digestible protein, seeds contain sugars, cellulose, saponins, purines and the numbers of vitamins: the vitamin E, H, B1, B2, the pantothenic acid and large amounts of vitamin PP (niacin).

The seeds can be eaten raw, roast, candy. Popular product obtained from peanut is halva and peanut butter.

Peanut raw not-blanched 38/42, 40/50, country of origin: Argentina, packaging: big bag / bag 25kg

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Dried apricot

Dried apricots from ancient times has beed used in Eastern medicine as a means of preserving the softness, smoothness and firmness of the skin. Properly dried fruits due the density of components and the evaporation of the water contain a lot of nutrients. Because of the large quantity of alkaline elements are recommended by the acidic conditions of the stomach and acidification of the body, e.g., after exercise. Dried apricot fruits, as the only one of dried fruits can be eaten by diabetics, with adequate structure of contained sugars. Dried apricots delay aging processes. They affect well to the eyesight. Effectively protect from anemia.

Apricot "8" turkish,  packaging: 10 kg.

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Cut Cranberry

Cranberries have antibacterial and antifungal effect, that is why should be consumed at different infections, as an adjunct the treatment and as an effective prevention. Flavonoids have antioxidant properties and therefore the cranberry is applied in the prevention of heart diseases, the cardiovascular system and atherosclerosis. These healthy fruits also help to keep appropriate HDL cholesterol count ("good" cholesterol). Cranberries cleanse the body of toxins – and so are a perfect component of any diet. They are also a good fruits for losing weight.

Fruits of this bush are being prepared in the various form, e.g. as an extract of cranberry, dried cranberry, sauce for pouring the meat, the cranberry sirup or the tea with cranberry.

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Candied orange peel

Fried orange peel is an excellent addition to cakes.
Especially for the lovely fragrance are valued bitter oranges used for the production of preserves, essences to flavoring cakes and Curacao liqueur- a popular drinks component with blue tint.

Cube 4x4

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